About Us

Priel Matters is a Business Management Consultancy firm established to provide effective and proven organizational development and training solutions to assist businesses improve their bottom lines.



P = professionalism,
R = results,
I = Inspiration,
E = Excellence and
L = Leadership


We believe that these virtues Matter for an organisation to thrive in a highly competitive environment. Our business thus, is to work collaboratively with our clients to self-reflect, self-regulate, and take control of their own processes of improving, learning and effectively achieving the reasons for their existence.


Our experienced team is made up of professionals with expertise in a broad range of specialties. PRIEL prides itself as the nucleus of a multidisciplinary team of Organisation Development and Human Resource specialists. We excel in corporate team building, learning and development solutions, organisation development and we are accomplished in delivering results.


Our drive is providing competitive business solutions that completely increase workplace performance. We provide our clients with off-site, and on-site services such as training, recruitment, organisation development and business compliance needs.

Our Vision

To become the preferred Business Management Consultancy firm in Ghana by the year 2023.

Our Key Values


We put God first in everything we do.


We recognize each other’s differences.


We pride ourselves in working together as a team.


We believe in total service quality.

Participants Interaction

Our training courses are highly interactive by design.


Our Mission

To strategically assist our clients in driving organizational change for a sustainable and competitive advantage in the emerging global market through a well-trained, dedicated, and self-motivated staff using proven techniques and world acclaimed theories.


Learning and Development

No boring training here! Prepare for a session that is high energy, results oriented, and FUN!

Staff learning and development is essential for every business to grow. Satisfied employees are likely to stay longer and be productive while on your team. Effective training improves quality workforce, enhance employee growth, improve employee performance and address weakness.

Employees who believe that management is concerned about their personal development are more productive, satisfied and more fulfilled. Satisfied employees mean satisfied customers, which leads to profitability. We offer customized content designed to reflect your corporate culture and business needs.

We like to say that our “training” is really a “collaborative experience”. Workshops are filled with real life experiences and activities that share practical tips/techniques that you can learn from.

Our trainers have the passion for combining hands-on approach to ensure participants understand training subjects. We know how hard it can be to sit through hours of “training” while work is piling up, so our goal is to ensure that each class is a blast!

Our library is stocked with over 200 world acclaimed training courses that will meet all your corporate needs. No matter your budget we can always work to get you on board. Contact us and let’s start planning your great day today.

What Makes Our Training Different

Different By Design

PRIEL workshops are highly interactive by design. True learning happens when participants roll up their sleeves, share their stories, and get involved in the training experience! Workshops often include a wide range of instructional techniques including customized modules, case studies, role playing, small group activities, and more!

Reinforcement And Ongoing Support

The training doesn’t end when the workshop ends. The “30-day plan” is mailed back to participants after completion of their workshop as a reminder of their commitments during the training class.

Practical Value

One of our biggest frustrations is training that’s based on theory leaving participants scratching their head when they return to work the next day. Our content is specifically designed to not just include leading theory but best practices derived directly from real world experience. Our workshops provide practical tips and techniques that participants can use immediately. Workshops typically conclude by asking participants to identify three specific actions they will take within the first 30 days after completing the workshop. This “30-day action plan” is designed to not just continue the learning but also encourage participants to practically apply learning to their respective workplace.

Customized Programs

We believe strongly in customizing workshops to best suit each audience. Oftentimes, this can mean the difference between a course that’s good and one that’s amazing! We take the time to learn about each client’s specific situation so that we can customize content, activities, case studies or other elements that ensure that the content pushes the right buttons with each audience

Business Consulting Services


We know how difficult it could be when it comes to planning training workshops and assessing its impact on productivity. When you go the PRIEL way, we ease the pressure from you and equip your workforce with the best of over 200 customized soft skills courses and Microsoft Office programs to keep them on the cutting edge all of the time. No matter your budget; we can always work something out to get you on board contact us today.


Buckle your seats and prepare for a team retreat that is exciting, meaningful and fun! We provide an experience that moves your team to the next level!
We work with clients to customize team retreats to address their specific needs. Most retreats combine elements of: Professional Development Training for Supervisors and Managers, Team Building, Team Goals, Networking, and FUN! If your team suffers from any of the following thus poor interpersonal dynamics, constant conflict, poor communication, or just plain dysfunction, we can customize a team retreat to fit your needs.  


Are you struggling to get a seasoned keynote speaker for your event or seminar? Do you simply need an in-house Facilitator/Trainer? Kindly contact PRIEL today and we will assist you in getting the right person/speaker to spice up your event.


Finding the right people to work with can be a daunting task and if not properly carried out can cause your business time, money and resources whiles work is piled up. At PRIEL, we assist you to find and hire the right people with the desired attitude for your business.

Organization Development


Have you assessed your organization and thought that every department functioned to their fullest potential? Most likely, your answer would be no. Every organization has room for improvement. And at times organizations must quickly react to environmental challenges, whether from competing companies or economic disruptions. The business world changes constantly, and successful businesses have long used organization development (OD) interventions to increase their effectiveness and making the most of their resources.

OD is not simply what businesses do to change and grow or to react to external factors. OD is a strategic process of organizational improvement, addressing an organization's changing needs through careful assessment and planned intervention.


PRIEL OD Interventions are structured and designed to solve a problem, thus enabling an organization to achieve its set goals. These intervention activities are designed to improve the organization’s functioning and enable managers and leaders to better manage their team and organization cultures. These OD interventions are required to address the issues that an organization might be facing ranging from process, performance, knowledge, skill, will, technology, appraisal, career development, attrition, top talent retention and the list can actually be pretty exhaustive. We believe that, when the people problems are resolved within the organization, about 85% of the organisations problems will be resolved.

Ultimately, we help our clients to align the mission and vision of the organization with its strategy and operations. We offer services in the following areas:

• Organizational structure, Workspace Design
• Manpower Planning
• Job Analysis/Description
• Reward and Recognition.
• Performance Management System
• Learning and Development
• Talent Management


• Change Management
• Dynamic Team Building Activities
• Workplace Effectiveness
• Harassment & Diversity
• Health and Safety
• Work Life Balance
• Managing Corporate Behaviour
• New Manager Development & Succession Planning
• Leadership, Continues Support
• Designing Effective Communication Strategies
• Personnel Assessments/Testing