Different By Design

PRIEL workshops are highly interactive by design. True learning happens when participants roll up their sleeves, share their stories, and get involved in the training experience!

Practical Value

One of our biggest frustrations is training that's based on theory leaving participants scratching their head when they return to work the next day.

Reinforcement And Ongoing Support

The training doesn't end when the workshop ends. The "30-day plan" is mailed back to participants after completion of their workshop as a reminder of their commitments during the training class.

Customized Programs

We believe strongly in customizing workshops to best suit each audience. Oftentimes, this can mean the difference between a course that's good and one that's amazing!


Organization Development

Have you assessed your organization and thought that every department functioned to their fullest potential? Most likely, your answer would be no. Every organization has room for improvement.

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We know how difficult it could be when it comes to planning training workshops and assessing its impact on productivity.

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Our open training courses

Are designed to provide skills and ready to use techniques that will help you improve your professional and organizational skills like a pro!

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