About Us

PRIEL matters is a business management consulting firm established to provide effective and proven organizational development and training solutions to assist businesses to improve their bottom lines.

P = Professionalism
R = Results
I = Inspiration
E = Excellence
L = Leadership

We believe that these virtues Matter for an organization to thrive in a highly competitive environment. Our business thus is to work collaboratively with our clients to self-reflect, self-regulate, and take control of their own processes of improving, learning and effectively achieving the reasons for their existence.

Our experienced team is made up of professionals with expertise in a broad range of specialties. PRIEL prides itself as the nucleus of a multidisciplinary team of Organization Development and Human Resource specialists. We excel in corporate team building, learning and development solutions, organization development and we are accomplished in delivering results.

Our drive is providing competitive business solutions that completely increase workplace performance. We provide our clients with off-site, and on-site solutions such as training, recruitment and human resource advisory.

Our Vision

We live to continuously support organisations to maximise the best in their workforce, and to equip individuals to excel in their chosen careers.

Our Mission

To strategically assist our clients in driving organisational change for a sustainable and competitive advantage in the emerging global market through a well-trained, dedicated, and self-motivated staff.


Godliness: We put God first in everything we do.

Respect: We recognize each other’s differences.

Collaboration: We pride ourselves in working together as a team.

Excellence: We believe in total service quality.

Participants Interaction: Our training courses are highly interactive by design